Saturday Morning

by Near Peak

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Five songs! Weird time signatures! Awesome rock out sessions! It goes from whisper quiet to roaring loud, and all kinds of stuff in between!
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released October 7, 2014

Near Peak (in reverse-height order):
Travis Hill - Vocals, Guitar, Ears
Alex Orellana - Keys, Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Cables
Josh Renkow - Drums, Vocals, Sawdust

Recorded and mixed by Near Peak in their practice space and a closet

Mastered by Tim Boyce at The Sound Design

Album art by Ramiro Davaro-Comas




Near Peak Brooklyn, New York

Three dudes that came from California and like to rock out in a harmonious fashion.

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Track Name: Tortoise
I once was lost
but now I'm still lost
and loving it
I wouldn't give it up for anything
'cause now I'm free to go anywhere
my heart is open to the sound, the smell, the taste
and it's time to forget the past
the present, future only now have we begun to wake
from those nightmares gone
no the new dreams come

and can't you wait
for a minute for heaven's sake
you know you're already there
won't you open your eyes and look around
at what the world's all about
'cause I'm not about to hold my breath

and wait for other people
to understand that I have no plan to call my own
and my home is on my back
like a tortoise shell
you know they have no hell they just have now
and it's what you make of it
only you decide
how you spend your time

but if you really live
even for a second in time and space
you know that's already more than most people
will live in their whole lives
and that's what the world's all about
not about
Track Name: Had a Voice
I had a voice
but then I lost it
now I can't find it
till you're back in my heart now
till you're back in my heart

I had a spine
but now it's aching
a crooked line
I guess I must be getting older
but I'm not any wiser
got a stupid, empty heart

my feet are dirty
'cause they've been walkin'
and they'll keep walkin'
till they come to your door
gonna come to your door

because I'll find you
if it kills me
you'll find my body
in a crumpled heap on your floor now
but at least I'll be happy
'cause you're back in my heart

because my head
is so illuminated
there is just one organ
that I can depend on
the one full of iron
the one that pulls me like a compass to your pole

and when you said
this light is creeping in the mountains has a bright spot
it's something I forgot
remember I will not
and that's why I love you 'cause you remind me all the time
Track Name: Sanguine
wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep
spring, summer, fall, winter, spring
concentric circles find a way
into everything

stop to think and dismiss
eyes closed in sanguine bliss
I know it's hit or miss
relax and reminisce

hold on to that little thing that keeps you going through it
grab on to that giant thing that's sweeping through you, don't give in

a civil war errupts
the losses aren't complete
save for the battlefield
where the soldiers all compete


just give me an hour or two
to close my eyes
and I'll promise to stay awake with you
all night

chase away these ghosts we talk about
that live behind these walls right out your door
into the world where they belong

these lights that we hold are faint little glimmers
in the dark
gotta get out and live our lives tonight

but we're stuck within these goddamned walls
wish someone would come along and let us out
into the world where we belong
Track Name: Borderline (Bonus Live Session)
all these neighborhoods
distinctions not understood
we could reconsider our options
and open them up

airports and highway roads
connecting the lives of those
that move
and those that are moved by the notion to run

run to the borderline

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